For thirty+ years, as a husband, father, and entrepreneur, I noticed most life experiences could be filtered through words beginning with the letter D.

"Life According to D," a personal growth blog. Each chapter of this blog begins with a dynamic word starting with the letter D, setting the tone for a journey of discovery and development through self-reflection. By aligning with the chapter that resonates with readers the most, individuals can embark on a tailored path encouraging personal growth.

Self-reflection is not about dwelling in the past; it's about learning from it, appreciating the present, and consciously creating a fulfilling future.

Through a collection of inspiring stories and lessons learned from real-life experiences, "Life According to D" will serve as a resource for individuals seeking personal transformation. Whether the stories shared are mine or those of others, the blog provides a platform for readers to connect with relatable narratives and glean wisdom from the power of doing.

I amassed a collection of more than 25,000 quotes over time, as I value the insightful words of a wide variety of individuals who share their wisdom earned from experience. I intend to curate and present suitable quotes, stories, and parables aligned with a specific theme for each week, originating with a word beginning with the letter "D." Although the selection process may seem random, I trust my intuition to guide me in sharing these gems when I feel compelled.

At any time, readers can visit the blog and explore relevant chapters to discover the reflection inspiration they seek.

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I look forward to the creative process of taking prompts and turning the craft of writing into, dare I say, art. 

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"Life according to D" invites readers to check in with themselves, exploring different aspects of their journeys. By aligning with the chapter that resonates with them the most, individuals can embark on a tailored path of self-reflection.


Bruce MacNaughton

Living a writer's life through the letter D.